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DVD Reviews
ESS Promotions Presents: The Iron Sheik-Volume IV


I just purchased ESS Promotion's latest edition (4th) of The Iron Sheik shoot interview series entitled "Breaking K-Fabe."  Let me just say that I was EXTREMELY pleased!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the self-proclaimed, biggest Sheik mark that ever lived.  I have been waiting for a DVD version of a Sheik shoot to be released for some time.  The reason I waited was because I knew that most people who had done a shoot with Sheik had done it using VHS.  I didn't want a DVD copy of VHS.  Especially for the Sheik. 
Don't expect to hear Sheik delve into how he broke into the business because all of that was covered in previous shoots with ESS Promotions.  This picks up with Sheik beginning with his car accident (NOT the one for which he was arrested) in 2003-04.  He also talks about his recent surgeries.  It is very sad to see/hear Sheik talk about how he and his family tragically lost his oldest daughter as well as how his wife of 32 years was caught embezzling funds from him.
While Sheik does get emotional, you will probably remember this shoot interview for the laugh-out-loud, FUNNY moments!  The Sheik will leave you doubled over as he shoots on everything and everyone from Nikolai Volkoff to Andre the Giant (RIP) to Sheik's "Medicine" to Eric Simms himself!!  It is amazing...Eric is conducting the shoot and Sheik shoots on him as if he isn't even there.  This part was worth the price alone! 
In a nice touch, ESS Promotions added clips from the Q&A session at I-Fanfest (I-Fanfest's guests included The Iron Sheik, Sgt. Slaughter, Tito Santana, Butch Reed, etc.).  The clips shown are only clips about Sheik (from Sarge and Sheik). 
Video and sound quality are AMAZING!!! 
This shoot is over 3.5 hours of pure entertainment from start to finish.  If you like Sheik, or just like to laugh until you pass out, this shoot interview is for you.
5 out of 5  *Seal of Excellence*
On The Road With...Jake "The Snake" Roberts


Just recently, I purchased RF Video’s “On The Road With…The Honky Tonk Man” and was EXTREMELY impressed!  So, when I saw that the “On The Road” series was continuing with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, I had to see it as well.


I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  I had wondered what, if anything would be covered that Jake’s WWE DVD project hadn’t already covered.  I can’t think of anything that was really “unearthed” in this two-disc set.  What I did like was the fact that this was done as sort of a “day in the life of” production. 


RF began by picking up Jake at the airport in Philadelphia.  From there they drove to get some breakfast and then to a hotel.  The entire trip was filled with Jake making some of the funniest jokes you’d ever want to hear AND see.  He tells a GREAT story about Outback Jack that you will NOT want to miss!!! 


Then you get to see Jake arrive at his show and moon an entire locker room full of local indy workers!  Jake then enters into the “private” changing room with Todd Gordon and Sandman.  Jake and Sandman exchange some great stories.  In a truly great moment, Jake gives a spot-on impersonation of Randy Savage.  He goes over what Randy was saying before he allowed himself to be bitten by the King Cobra.  This little skit was worth the price of the DVD by itself! 


After his match, you get to see Jake mingle with local/internet media with interviews as well as sign some autographs.  It is amazing to see Jake still standing after all he’s been through.  He shows that he is still one of the best ring-psychologists of all time. 


If I had to pick a downfall, it would have to be the sound quality.  Although it wasn’t any different than the Honky DVD, Jake’s voice was so low at times that you couldn’t understand what he was saying.  Perhaps if he had been wearing a mic, it would have made a difference.  WELL WORTH the $20.00 price tag!


4.5 out of 5 (only because I missed some things because of sound)


On The Road With...The Honky Tonk Man


"On the Road With...Honky Tonk Man" from RF Video is a two-disc set. Anyone who knows anything about the wrestling business knows that Honky is one of the most outspoken guys in the business. Believe me, he holds NOTHING back in this truly amazing DVD set.

OTR follows Honky through his average day, leading up to an indy show in Wildwood, NJ. I believe that this was filmed either the week before or somewhere around SummerSlam '05. The DVD starts out with the RF crew picking Honky up at the airport and rides with him in the SUV for the hour or so drive to the show. You'll be able to hear Honky's opinions (and boy does he have opinions!) about the current story lines, superstars, hall of fame, legends contracts, and much more.

When they get to the show, the camera follows Honky to the locker room where you actually get to see him going over a match with his opponent for that afternoon (Honky did two, back-to-back shows on the beach that day). While in the locker room, Honky shares some more stories, including one about the first time Hacksaw Jim Duggan was on an independent show and Honky showed him "how we do it on the independents."

The cameras then follow Honky into the ring for his first match of the day. After the match, Honky makes his trip to the Wildwood Boardwalk to mingle with the fans. They follow Honky back into the locker room where he is going over his next match with his new opponent. Honky shares a few more stories and then heads to the ring. During this match, something happens that Honky doesn't care too much for and he lets the indy worker know about it too!

The camera then follows Honky back to the locker room for a few more stories and that is where it wraps up.

Video and sound quality are GREAT! I truly hope that RF video decides to do more of the "On the Road With..." series. I see by their website that they have a new one with Jake Roberts. Can't wait to see that one!

5 out of 5 (four hours of pure entertainment!)
Strait Shootin' with The One Man Gang


A couple weeks ago, I purchased "Strait Shootin' with The One Man Gang" from Ring of Honor. I must say that I was VERY pleased with it. This is in no way a "shock" interview. Don't go into this expecting to hear amazing stories and such. Gang takes the fan through his roots, training, and how he got his big break.

You can hear what he has to say about Andre, Hogan, Dusty, Jerry Lawler, and many more. Whether or not he enjoyed the Akeem gimmick is also covered. Gang also tells of an interesting run-in with Eric Bischoff at an airport.

The video and sound quality of this shoot is AMAZING! I highly recommend this shoot to anyone who ever liked The One Man Gang. God knows that I am a huge mark for him!

3.5 out of 5 (only because it was slow at times)

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